Our impact

AI, an innovative driver
of inclusion.

AI that supports struggling learners

Students with learning difficulties represent 20% of the students in secondary schools. A number of them suffer from cognitive and attention deficit (dyspraxia, dyslexia, etc.) while others are affected by precarious situations, victims of school phobia or are in long-term hospitalization, etc.

With this in mind, and thanks to artificial intelligence, ProfessorBob.ai’s team has created a set of algorithms that allow early detection of dropouts and provides support which adapts to the students’ learning methods, characters and rhythms.

Learners are provided with personalized support from teachers.

Through our solution, teachers can access the interface that allows them to quickly identify difficulties in the acquisition of skills.

In addition, Professorbob.ai also develops specialized remediation algorithms based on the nature of each learning disability.
For example, for a learner with dyspraxia, ProfessorBob.ai will use adapted font sizes, special fonts, and lines that border the bottom and top of a line.

Our commitment to sustainability

We are committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goal of “Quality Education” (Goal #4), to provide equitable, inclusive, quality education, lifelong learning opportunities for all, and to reduce the impact of Covid-19, which temporarily closed schools to 91% of students and impacted educational improvements.

We also support the UN Sustainable Development Goal “Reduce Inequality” (Goal #10), with access to low-cost educational support for all (for low income) as education is a key factor in reducing poverty and social inequality.

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