Personalized learning powered by AI

Professor Bob, your Personal Virtual Assistant, is able to teach, answer and ask you questions in a very personalized way.

Incredible benefits for companies, training institutions & learners

As a Personal Virtual Assistant intensively trained on a specific knowledge domain, ProfessorBob dramatically accelerates the access to relevant knowledge for companies, thus boosting productivity & learning efficiency in professional training or academic training .

This while reducing support & training costs by a factor 5 at the same time.

For training, we observe an increase in the engagement & retention rates from 20% to 50%.

A 24/7 personalized assistance for learners

After training itself in a specialized knowledge domain, Professor Bob answers 80% of user questions, while letting the remaining 20% be answered by domain experts. Learning from their answers, Bob progressively increases its answer rate up to 90%.
Bob instantaneously delivers relevant & precise answers within the user’s context, while search engines mostly deliver long lists of websites that need to be tediously explored one by one to find a correct answer. 

One more thing, Professor Bob assists users 7 days a week & 24 hours a day!

By building & taking advantage of smart learner analytics, Professor Bob brings learning personalization to a new level while taking in account learning institution specific pedagogy.

Powered by disruptive AI & Natural Language Processing technologies


Legacy chatbots have disappointed due to the limitations of old technologies, requerring tedious work to specify scenarios one by one (intent classification & decision trees)

On the contrary, Professor Bob works autonomously in a few weeks to deliver both Knowledge & Personalization and thereby can be fully qualified as a Personal Virtual Assistant. 

Indeed Professor Bob has been built around the most disruptive advances in Natural Language Processing that were able to achieve in 2019 for the first time in history better-than-human outcomes on question answering (Squad v2).

Our expert technical team designed cutting edge algorithms and integrated the best of bread NLP language models that we customized, re-trained & optimized to conceive the most efficient solution for knowledge access & personalized learning.

The French Public Investment Bank (BPI) rewarded our technology with the most-sought after “FrenchTechSeed Deeptech” label.

Professor Bob for Online Professional or Academic Training

Online Professional training players, such as CrossKnowledge or Skillsoft, as well as Academic platforms, such as Coursera, can deliver unique learning experiences to their learners thanks to Professor Bob.independent learning and the need of interaction. BOB fills the professor position by teaching or answering the users’ questions, 24/7, and at the users’ pace. BOB has successfully proven to reduce the abandon rate as some of our clients have seen their course completion rate increase up to 85% by humanizing their user’s learning experience.


Professor Bob for Brick & Mortar Training

Professor Bob helps bridge the gap between in-person training with trainer assistance and online autonomous training. 

Professor Bob for Instant Access to Expert Knowledge for Companies

Confused by an overload of technical documentations spread across various systems, employees and partners waste countless hours to find the relevant information they are looking for.

We help large companies, such as major banks, significantly increase employee productivity by providing answers from the company’s knowledge base.

Our clients

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