built by  experts in AI & NLP,  in partnership with the CNRS, French renowned 

AI Research Laboratory

Our outstanding R&D Team&Co-founders

At, we rely on outstanding AI & Natural Language Processing (NLP) researchers, data scientists & developers with exceptional backgrounds (Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole Normale Supérieure, ENSAE, ML & Algorithms PhDs…) and invaluable Data Science passion & expertise, particularly in NLP. Our R&D team ensures BOB always performs beyond expectation.

We are always willing to expand the team with exceptional Data Science talents, with great NLP curiosity & team spirit. We will reach a size of 15 data scientists in 12 months.

Co-founder and CTO, 49, holds a PhD in Algorithmic from the university of Paris 6 Pierre et Marie Curie. Nicolas has more than 20 years in the position of CTO.

Nicolas Rennert

Data Scientist, 26, has a PhDin Machine Learning from the ENS Ulm under the supervision of the renowned researcher in AI, Francis Bach, Dmitry is focused on extracting data under the format of questions/answers from different databases.


Data Scientist, 25, graduated from the school Polytechnique with a Master degree in Natural Language Processing. Quang is a specialist in NLP algorithms training.

Ha-Quang Le

Researcher at the CNRS, 46, holds a PhD in Computer Sciences from ENS Lyon. Mathieu is a specialist in algorithmic, Machine Learning, graph matching and Natural Language Processing

Mathieu Raffinot

Cofounder, based in the US, holds a PhD in Nuclear Physic and Fanbo manipulates huge volumes of data. He is now Data Scientist.

Fanbo Meng

Data Scientist and Co-founder, 40, graduated from the schools Polytechnique and Telecom Paris, Samy is passionate about AI and has a strong background in digital product management.

Samy Lahbabi

Researcher and founder, 48, holds a PhD in Economics and conducted research at MIT. François has created two successful companies (, in the fields of e-learning.

François-Xavier Hussherr

Our Research partnership with the CNRS

Located at the renowned Ecole Polytechnique (Paris, France) next to the new “Hi! Paris” AI research center, our technical team collaborates with the CNRS/LIMSI laboratory, one of the most advanced research teams in knowledge AI & virtual assistant for lifelong learning from the CNRS Saclay.

The CNRS LIMSI laboratory we are partnering with includes around 200 researchers, of which 70 specialized in Language Modeling & NLP. The CNRS LIMSI helps us constantly explore the benefits of the new state-of-the-art technologies as well as protect our intellectual property with patents (in collaboration with the Saclay SATT).

Who is & its incredibly efficient technology

Before deploying Professor Bob to the end users, he intensively learns about the concerned knowledge domain. He  learns from a staggering amount of knowledge sources, starting from our customer’s knowledge contents, but also adding specialized books and online trusted sources.

Professor Bob formalizes knowledge as questions & answers (Q&A) and for that purpose:

  • automatically generates thousands of questions thanks to innovative algorithms, 
  • builds from its knowledge sources several answers for each, 
  • scores the relevance of the Q&A pairs on various NLP metrics ; 

For instance, Professor Bob generates 30,000 questions on a knowledge domain, identifies 4 answers for each question & scores these 120,000  Q&A pairs. Then Bob extracts the best 3000 pairs.

What is

 This workflow to train ProfessorBob on a new knowledge domain involves a mix of our proprietary Machine Learning algorithms, optimized & pre-trained NLP language models and smart interfaces to fine-tune the workflow for the domain and validate the Q&A pairs.

At the end of this training process, Bob comes as a web_browser extension or can be integrated in your solution as an iFrame. Optionally, some APIs can collect learner analytics and personalize learning paths to each student.

Learning AI on Coursera or OpenClassrooms ? 

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