Our R&D team has a uniquely valuable Data Science expertise, particularly in Natural Language Processing. They ensure BOB is always on point and performing beyond expectations.

 Thanks to its unique technology, Bob received the prestigious label FrenchTech Seed. We have registered a patent and plan to register more through our partnership with CNRS (LIMSI research team). BOB can easily adapt to large corpuses of different subjects, unlike the old decision-trees based chatbot generation. The implementation of  Bob is way faster than the implementation of traditional chatbots.

Co-founder and CTO, Nicolas, 49, holds a Phd in Algorithmic from the university of PAris 6 Pierre et Marie Curie. He has more than 20 years in the position of CTO

Nicolas Rennert

Researcher at the CNRS, 46, has followed the projet since its creation in january 2019. Mathieu has a PhD in computer sciences and graduated from ENS Lyon. He is a specialist in algorithmic, machine learning, graph matching and natural language processing

Mathieu Raffinot

Researcher and founder, 48, has a PhD in economics, he has conducted research at MIT. François has created two successful companies (www.lelivrescolaire.fr, www.gutenberg-technology.com) in the fields of e-learning.

François-Xavier Hussherr

Data scientist, 26, has a Phd from the ENS Ulm in Machine Learning under the supervision of the very famous researcher in AI Francis Bach, Dmitry is focused on extracting data under the format of questions/answers from different databases.


Data scientist, 25, graduated from the school Polytechnique with a Master degree in natural language processing. Quang is a specialist in NLP algorithms training.

Ha-Quang LE

cofounder, based in the US, Phd in Nuclear Physic, is used to manipulate huge volumes of data. He is now a data scientist.

Fanbo Meng

Data scientist and co-founder, 40, graduated from the schools Polytechnique and Telecom Paris, Samy is passionated by AI and has a strong background in digital product management.

Samy Lahbabi