Our Technology

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), ProfessorBob.ai can teach, answer, and ask questions as requested by learners, personalizing content according to each students’ specific needs. Helping to maximize memory retention and aid all-around development.

How Does it Work?

ProfessorBob.ai is fed with knowledge from various formats (PDF, PPT, Word, HTML, Audio/Video) and can be enriched with additional specialized sources. Our technology will extract the content, break it down into knowledge units, index it, and engage vectorization processing. ProfessorBob.ai then arranges this information into knowledge tree and Q&A formats, using the structure: – Identifies concepts and their associated links to form comprehensive knowledge graphs. – Automatically generates thousands of questions on these concepts using innovative NLP models and algorithms. – Constructs answers to each question from their respective knowledge sources. – Evaluates the relevance of question/answer pairs based on various NLP metrics. For example, within any given knowledge area, ProfessorBob will generate 40,000 questions, identify an answer for each, evaluate the relevance of each pairing, and reach a conclusion as to overall performance. Retaining the best 3,000 pairs to ensure a consistently high-quality approach to learning.

Artificial Intelligence & NLP

ProfessorBob’s training on novel knowledge domains relies heavily on Optimized Transfer Learning Techniques, used to adapt our proprietary algorithms and generic NLP language models. We deploy frequent in-house sample tests of question/answer pairs, helping to improve the effectiveness of our teaching strategies. At the end of your learning process, ProfessorBob.ai remains available as a browser extension or can be integrated within your site through a few simple lines of code. Integration is also available on LMS via APIs. Our technology is permanently accessible within your learning platform through a small unobtrusive bar, designed to compile all learning improvement services in a single location. Users can thus request ProfessorBob.ai at any time without leaving the browsing site.

Our Research Partnership with the CNRS

Based at the École Polytechnique accelerator, our technical team continually collaborate with the LISN laboratory at CNRS Saclay. World leaders in Natural Language Processing, continuous learning, and conversational AI.

CNRS LISN, with which we are partnered, boasts over 400 in-house researchers, 70 of whom specialize in language modeling and natural language processing. The CNRS LISN helps us to explore the advantages of new cutting-edge technologies and protect our intellectual property through expertly crafted patents.

Our Expert Technical Team

ProfessorBob.ai relies on a technical team of 12 Data Scientists, all commanding superior knowledge of NPL and holding prestigious degrees in AI and Machine Learning. Obtained from a variety of educational institutions across France and the USA, including École Polytechnique, ENSAE, Mines-Ponts, and Oxford. (Ph.D. ML or Algorithmic).

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