Our industry-leading technology offers bespoke support, providing personalized learning plans that meet the specific demands of each participant. Through AI, we work to optimize teacher’s workload, delivering sublime educational assistance, without having to compromise on effectiveness.

A Combination of Four Smart Services Knowledge Assistant (Answers to questions)

To deliver instant access to a wealth of specialized knowledge, we use fine-tuned NLP algorithms and industry expertise. Designed to transform unstructured knowledge bodies, these processes work to maximize accessibility, creating a space where all learners may explore their educational demands, to find an approach that works for them.

Our AI technology can analyze large volumes of knowledge across any specialized field, format, and source (courses, presentations, books, and websites to name a few). Extracting several thousand questions and answers, we offer a valuable source of information for keen learners looking to maximize their educational journeys. can answer almost 80% of learners’ questions, using both natural languages and keywords to deliver replies. Offering simple responses, definitions, videos, photos, and various bespoke retention exercises, this technology works to enhance student understanding, regardless of everyone’s preferred method of study. A sure-fire way to guarantee educational success ! Knowledge Anchoring

It is a proven fact that learners forget 80% of their courses just 48 hours after attending them. To avoid this, lessons must be delivered in intervals and adjusted according to each learner’s level of understanding of the subject in question. simply assesses each learner’s level of knowledge retention, using rapid-fire questions after teaching to ascertain a measure of understanding. If a failure occurs, a personalized time repetition of the subject will be offered, helping our students to stay in the loop, without falling behind.

For 90% of our learners, this method of knowledge anchoring has enhanced memorization rates by up to 3x more than traditional teaching formats. Adaptive Learning

For each student, offers a virtual assistant to accompany them through the learning process. Bob adapts to each specific profile by modifying his pedagogical path.

We analyze the pace and success rate of each learner, guiding them through the educational process accordingly. Our most advanced students will thus be directed to more complex activities, while those experiencing difficulties will be offered several remedial resources to aid development at their own pace.

Adaptive learning frees up time for trainers, who can allocate more extensive attention to higher-value tasks. These include supporting learners in difficulty and navigating more complex question structures.

AI generation of activities and exercises

Today, students are bored with their classic textbook lectures, as they do not allow them to be fully active during their work sessions. Very often, educational organizations cannot offer personalized education pathways due to the lack of dynamic activities that allow the adaptation of exercises to the profile of each student. This activity creation task results in a tremendous, tedious, and long manual process that slows down academic progress.  

We use any textbook or course document to determine the most relevant knowledge units and build activities based on them to increase student engagement. Our AI models are fine-tuned to recognize the most important phrases in a lesson and convert them into MCQs, fill-in-the-blank activities, or any other type of text/visual exercises. We also work with annotated photos to build image-based activities. To provide personalized tasks for students, all of our AI exercises and activities are rigorously evaluated by subject-matter experts. We use the Gutenberg Technology exerciser to offer these exercises in a variety of forms, including QTI XML, JSON, and self-contained HTML + JS.

Leveraging your textbooks to create in a matter of 3 weeks, thousands of activities and get your students to better learn with engaging & interactive content.

Accelerate Your Content Publishing Workflow up to 4x with Gutenberg Technology and

Content production and publication is a complex and time-consuming process, which is often distinguished from more traditional print methods, where higher education textbooks typically take up to 12-24 months to reach the market. has partnered with the world’s fastest and most efficient educational content creator. The SaaS platform from Gutenberg Technology.

Gutenberg Technology commands a unique extraction process, transforming PDF content into universally accessible quizzes. Combined with our AI-based technology, this provides the perfect opportunity to enhance your learning process, while maintaining a user-friendly PDF format.

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