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Using Artificial Intelligence to develop adaptive learning.

Revolutionizing Education Through Adaptive Learning and Artificial Intelligence is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Programme here to permanently improve the education landscape. Capable of teaching, asking, and answering questions for students, this technology delivers personalized learning profiles to match each participant’s specific demands.

We have developed a unique workflow, using the latest advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP), to transform your informational assets into knowledge trees and expert databases. Both of which boasts a simple, yet effective, question and answer format. We also offer AI overlay to Learning Management Systems (LMS) via our APIs and browser extensions.

Knowledge Assistant

Adaptive Learning

AI generation of activities & exercises

A Trustworthy Approach to Learning

From large training centers to companies, schools, and universities, our solutions meet a multitude of learning and knowledge access needs.

Logo 3W contextualizes sentences and sentence groups through “vectorization”

Our innovative platform incorporates a unique workflow for ingesting specialized content. Modeling information in knowledge trees and Q&As, uses proprietary multi-purpose algorithms and state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing models to optimize your learning experience. Designed with accessibility in mind, this technology provides the perfect opportunity to positively reshape the way you view education, both now and moving forward!

Our partners

We are based within the new center for technological developments on the Saclay plateau, near Paris around the École Polytechnique. collaborates with research laboratories (CNRS/LISN) that specialize in language sciences, continually improving its technology with each engagement.

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